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Resources to Empower Kids for
Mental Well-being

Discover interactive tools, educational content, and engaging activities tailored for kids to promote their mental well-being.
Find solace and inspiration in our carefully selected tools and documents
Uplifting Music
Find solace and inspiration in our carefully selected playlist.
Inspirational Talks
Gain valuable insights from renowned speakers and experts.
Safety Plan & Warning Signs
Learn how to create a safety plan and recognize warning signs.
Inspirational Talks
Gain valuable insights from renowned speakers and experts.
Safety Plan & Warning Signs
Learn how to create a safety plan and recognize warning signs.


Check In Sheet

Check In Sheet for kids ,Teens, and Adults

Be Kind To Yourself

Coloring Sheet for Kids and Teens

Choose Kindness

Coloring Sheet For Kids and Teens

Uplifting Melodies

Discover the power of music to uplift your spirits

Motivational & Inspiring Videos

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A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

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What Do You Do With a Problem

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Brené Brown on Empathy (Kid Friendly!)

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The Dot – Read Aloud

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Your Special Gift (by Max Lucado)

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You Are Special (by Max Lucado)

Recognizing Warning
Signs and Creating Safety Plans

Learn how to identify warning signs and create a personal safety plan to keep kids safe.
Be vigilant for significant shifts in behavior or mood, such as withdrawal, despair, or statements indicating a sense of hopelessness. These can be critical signs of suicidal thoughts.
Pay attention to significant changes in behavior, such as withdrawal from social activities, mood swings, or increased substance use. These can be indicators of inner turmoil.
Encourage Professional Support
Gently suggest seeking help from mental health professionals and offer to assist in finding resources or setting up appointments. Professional guidance is crucial in these situations
Maintain Support

Regularly check in and show that you care. Your ongoing support can provide a sense of stability and understanding, which is vital during difficult times

Reach Out for Help Today

You don’t have to face it alone. Find immediate resources
and hotlines.

Empowering Steps for Protection and Peace of Mind

Creating a Safety Plan

A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that can help you avoid crisis situations and maintain your mental well-being. Here’s how to create one:
Acknowledge the Need for Help
Recognize when you’re struggling and be proactive in reaching out for support.
Understand Your Stress
Understand what activates your distress – be it certain thoughts, moods, situations, behaviors, or stimulants.
Secure Your Environment
Ensure your home or environment is safe and free from items that could harm you
Surround Yourself with Positivity
Choose to be around positive influences and environments that uplift your spirit.
Remember What Matters Most
Make a list of things and people that are important to you; this can be a powerful reminder during tough times.
Seek Immediate Support
If you feel overwhelmed, call, text, or find someone. Avoid being alone when you’re in distress.
Distract Yourself Constructively
Have a list of social places or activities that can provide a healthy distraction from your crisis.
Keep Important Contacts Handy
Maintain a list of names, contact information, and preferred ways to reach out to them.
Open Up About Your Feelings
Don’t hesitate to talk about how you’re feeling. Expressing your emotions is a crucial step in managing them.
Affirm Your Worth
Remind yourself, especially in tough moments, that you are loved more than you might feel right now.
Remember, You Are Not Alone
No matter how isolated you feel, there are people who care and resources available to help.
Be Honest with Yourself
Acknowledge your feelings and experiences as valid and deserving of attention and care.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about mental health, support, and available resources for teens.

We have a simple message, which is two words LOVE YOURSELF. But truly this is a message and gift that you can give to yourself. Learning to LOVE YOURSELF. We challenge you to think of one thing a day that could help you to feel better about yourself. Then build upon that each day. We share reminder bands with the simple phrase love yourself, with the challenge. WEAR ONE, AND SHARE ONE. Life is Stressful But it is also suppose to be fun. there are balances in life. We need to search for them. Life is sweet, we need to partake of it. These are gifts to ourselves that only we can do for ourselves. Love Yourself was created after the loss of our Son Skyler. Its not the Skyler wasnt loved, or that he didnt know how to love. I think the problem arose when he didn’t undertstand and realize just how much he mattered. and that we cared if he wasn’t here any more. HE WAS ENOUGH. NOW our mission is to share the message that YOU are enough as well. YOU are worth it, AS WAS HE..

yes email us at

Love Yourself was born from Blake and Wendy’s personal tragedy, the loss of their son Skyler to suicide, fueling their mission to prevent similar losses in other families through awareness and support.

There are many ways to support our cause, including volunteering, participating in awareness events, making donations, or simply spreading the word about suicide prevention and mental health resources.

We provide access to crisis helplines, counseling referrals, support groups, and educational materials aimed at helping individuals cope with suicidal thoughts and mental health challenges.

Yes, we offer experienced speakers for various events to discuss suicide prevention, share personal stories, and educate communities about mental health and the importance of self-care.

We partner with educational institutions and other organizations to conduct workshops, seminars, and training sessions focused on identifying and addressing mental health issues among youth and adults.

Since our founding, Love Yourself has reached thousands through our programs, significantly raising awareness about suicide prevention, reducing stigmas around mental health, and providing direct support to individuals and families affected by mental health challenges.

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