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Finding Hope Together

Feeling down? You’re not alone. We’re here to support you and help you find hope.

Discover Effective Coping Strategies and Find Encouragement When You're Feeling Down

Take Care of yourself Physically, emotionally, and mentally. This can include things like getting enough sleep, eating healthy, exercising practicing self-compassion.

Identify your strengths: focus on them~ this can help build self-esteem.

Positive self-talk: replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations. This can help develop a more positive self-image.
Pursue your Passion and interests: this can help you feel more fulfilled and confident.

Be supportive and understanding of others.

Embrace Your Journey

Discover the power within you to overcome sadness and embrace self-love. Join our 20-day self-love challenge and start your journey towards healing and happiness. Here are the first 8 days. Come back here every day or download the full challenge PDF. 

Day 1

My Best Personality trait is..

Take the first step towards loving yourself, remind yourself what your best trait is.

Day 2

I am proud of myself because...

Unlock your true potential and embrace your uniqueness

Day 3

I am excited for...

Nurture your mind, body, and soul with self-care practices

Day 4

My strengths are...

Celebrate your strengths and embrace your imperfections

Day 5

I love my...

Take the first step towards loving yourself

Day 6

My favorite memory is...

Unlock your true potential and embrace your uniqueness

Day 7

I laught the most when...

Nurture your mind, body, and soul with self-care practices

Day 8

My Goal in life is...

Celebrate your strengths and embrace your imperfections

Steps to Overcome
Feelings of Depression

Remember…the only person you have control over is you. You get to choose your emotion. However, if you are feeling like this too much and you are having negative thoughts about yourself that you can’t seem to control, you need to consider doing the following things as soon as possible:
Visit with a trusted family member or close friend about the feelings you are experiencing.

Visit with a professional counselor or a leader from your church.
Visit with your doctor and consider taking an anti depressant.

If you are having any suicidal thoughts, you need to make a safety plan for yourself that includes getting rid of anything you have in your home that could be used to harm yourself.

You also need to have a few people on speed dial. -People you trust, are aware of your current emotional state and that you can rely on in a time of need.

Check out our Resource Page Here for important emergency phone numbers and other helpful websites.

Choose To Stay

If you are having thoughts of suicide and cannot get control of these feelings, you need to

Call a trusted family member or close friend RIGHT NOW and meet with the as soon as possible.

If you are unable to reach out to a friend or family member, call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.

You can also find more emergency numbers and other helpful websites with valuable resources here.
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Listen to these special messages from the creators of Love Yourself:

Reach Out for Help Today

If you or someone you know is feeling down and struggling with sadness or depression, it’s important to reach out for help. Call the suicide prevention hotline today to prevent self-harm and find the support you need. Remember, you are not alone in this journey.

Uplifting Melodies

Discover the power of music to uplift your spirits

Inspirational Talks

Explore our collection of inspiring talks by renowned
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DISNEY: A Motivational Childhood Story

A Motivational Childhood Story
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“You cannot win the war against the world, if you can’t win the war against your own mind.” – Will Smith
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Why Do We Fall

Reasons as to why we fall and how we will get back up!
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Choose to Stay

Choose To Stay…
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This is a short video on mental health. Being down, sad, or depressed sucks badly. But there is always hope, be yourself, seek out friends, and if you can make small changes to come back to a good place. The world awaits you. Live long and love.
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BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Dr. Joe Dispenza Motivational Video

Dr. Joe is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator who has been invited to speak in more than 32 countries on five continents. As a lecturer and educator, he is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

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