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We wholeheartedly support the Love Yourself Foundation because it is a vital organization dedicated to mental health and suicide awareness. The foundation's origin, inspired by the tragic loss of Skyler Gardner, a son, brother, and dear friend, reminds us of the urgent need to address these issues. Skyler was an incredible individual who left this world too soon, and by supporting the Love Yourself Foundation, we honor his memory and strive to create a world where no one feels alone or without help. Together, we can make a difference by destigmatizing mental health, providing support, and raising awareness about suicide prevention. Let us join hands in supporting this worthy cause and spreading love, understanding, and hope to those who need it most.

-Wray Family Trust

“Love yourself” is a powerful message for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts. When I was in my moments of darkest despair with depression and suicide it was through therapy, medication and support from people close to me that I was able to learn to love myself and see my life as worth living. For me “love yourself” was going to counseling every single week for 5 years and getting on medication and battling every day to not let major depressive disorder defeat me. It took commitment and consistency. It didn’t change overnight and I still suffer from major depression but I have learned the tools to overcome it. I now know that if I do the work eventually each storm passes and I’m able to see another day and carry on. Love yourself is a message I believe in and it’s changed my life. I see the process of loving yourself as a journey and not a destination. Something to consistently strive for in each of our unique situations with mental health and suicide.

Kendal Nield
Rock Creek Classic