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Providing essential resources and support to individuals facing mental health challenges and their families.

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Our Mission: Teaching , Encouraging and Supporting Self Love and Healing

Skyler’s tragic passing from suicide on March 31st, 2018, deeply affected us. He was cherished and knew how to cherish others, yet struggled with self-love. This painful experience inspired the foundation of Love Yourself, an initiative dedicated to promoting self-love and acceptance. Our efforts are a tribute to Skyler, aiming to empower others to value themselves as we wish he had.

Skyler’s life and love have taught us profoundly. Our grief is as deep as our enduring love for him and our commitment to those facing mental health challenges in our community. Love Yourself is more than just an organization; it’s a promise to foster a sense of worth and provide essential mental health resources.

We understand that mental health issues are a common human experience. Love Yourself is committed to guiding individuals in our community, offering support, resources, and a community where everyone feels they belong. Our goal is to build a world where self-acceptance and love are fundamental to mental health.

The Hearts Behind Our Mission

The Hearts Behind The Mission

Passionate individuals dedicated to suicide prevention.

Blake & Wendy Gardner


Blake and Wendy, founders of Love Yourself, transformed their grief into action after losing their son Skyler to suicide. Their dedication to suicide prevention and awareness embodies their commitment to striving that no other family endures such a loss, fostering hope and support in the community.

Sarah Thompson

Communications Specialist

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David Wilson


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Emily Davis

Outreach Coordinator

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Real Stories Come from Our Community
Wray Family Trust

We wholeheartedly support the Love Yourself Foundation because it is a vital organization dedicated to mental health and suicide awareness. The foundation’s origin, inspired by the tragic loss of Skyler Gardner, a son, brother, and dear friend, reminds us of the urgent need to address these issues. Skyler was an incredible individual who left this world too soon, and by supporting the Love Yourself Foundation, we honor his memory and strive to create a world where no one feels alone or without help. Together, we can make a difference by destigmatizing mental health, providing support, and raising awareness about suicide prevention. Let us join hands in supporting this worthy cause and spreading love, understanding, and hope to those who need it most.

Saul Vega
Digital Peaks

In the short time that I’ve known Wendy and Blake Gardner, one thing became very clear, their emotional strength was unmeasurable and the dedication they have to people around them is inspiring. I knew that there message NEEDED to be spread.  Sometimes we need that reminder that self love is so important, and Love Yourself and their mission Is just that. Their mission in particular resonates with me because of past experiences that I’ve had within my inner circle of people (friends & family). I knew that I needed to be part of it after we initially met. I fully support Love Yourself as well as the Gardner family in their mission to promote Self Love.

Kendal Nield
Rock Creek Classic

“Love yourself” is a powerful message for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts. When I was in my moments of darkest despair with depression and suicide it was through therapy, medication and support from people close to me that I was able to learn to love myself and see my life as worth living. For me “love yourself” was going to counseling every single week for 5 years and getting on medication and battling every day to not let major depressive disorder defeat me. It took commitment and consistency. It didn’t change overnight and I still suffer from major depression but I have learned the tools to overcome it. I now know that if I do the work eventually each storm passes and I’m able to see another day and carry on. Love yourself is a message I believe in and it’s changed my life. I see the process of loving yourself as a journey and not a destination. Something to consistently strive for in each of our unique situations with mental health and suicide.

Kayla Gardner

“Love Yourself” ironically the message I needed to hear, left by a stranger for me to find. Let me tell you a little bit about my day…

My heart hurt today. It was filled with doubt and heaviness. I had negative thoughts on repeat, all day long. Doubting my worth based on someone’s actions; feeling so small and unlovable. Immense grief. So… I escaped to the mountains to try and quiet the panic and I visited the hummingbirds. I left my car with a prayer and asked to find some peace. After 20 minutes of sitting there I noticed the bracelet, with a bright colored wind chime. Prayer answered. 

I needed my brother. I needed to process my divorce and the weight of it all with him. He came today and shared the message I needed to hear. I’m not going to lie; sometimes I doubt the effectiveness of “Love Yourself” and the mission we’ve tried to carry on since losing Skyler to suicide. But today I felt its importance. And I needed it. I feel so grateful to my parents, my brothers, family and friends who spread the message with some mixed and heavy emotions. I’m grateful for the stranger who shared the message with me today. After spotting the bracelet a big storm rolled in, I went and sat in my car, waiting for it to pass, feeling that thunder rumble through my entire body, it reminded me of the anxiety I had felt all day. Those heart palpitations. But then the rainbow came. That promise of hope. 

So here’s a reminder to myself for later, and anyone else who might need it …While your heart thunders, remember the hope storms will end, and while you’re waiting, go find shelter within yourself. Always remember to love yourself. Our worth never changes, even when chaos surrounds us. #loveyourself

Making a Positive Impact in Our Community

At Love Yourself, we are dedicated to creating a brighter future by providing resources and support for suicide prevention. Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

Community Impact: Lifting One Person at a Time
Statistics: Empowering Individuals and Communities
Success Stories: Inspiring Hope and Resilience


Providing Resources, Support, and Community Outreach

At Love Yourself, we believe in providing comprehensive resources, support systems, and community outreach.
Support Systems
Our support systems provide a safe and understanding space for individuals to seek guidance and assistance.
We offer a wide range of resources to help individuals in their journey towards self-love and healing.
Community Outreach
Through community outreach programs, we aim to create a network of support and understanding.

Recognized for Excellence
and Commitment

Love Yourself has received numerous awards and accolades, showcasing

their credibility and dedication.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about mental health, support, and available resources for teens.

We have a simple message, which is two words LOVE YOURSELF. But truly this is a message and gift that you can give to yourself. Learning to LOVE YOURSELF. We challenge you to think of one thing a day that could help you to feel better about yourself. Then build upon that each day. We share reminder bands with the simple phrase love yourself, with the challenge. WEAR ONE, AND SHARE ONE. Life is Stressful But it is also suppose to be fun. there are balances in life. We need to search for them. Life is sweet, we need to partake of it. These are gifts to ourselves that only we can do for ourselves. Love Yourself was created after the loss of our son Skyler. Its not the Skyler wasn’t loved, or that he didnt know how to love. I think the problem arose when he didn’t understand and realize just how much he mattered,and that we cared if he wasn’t here any more. HE WAS ENOUGH. NOW our mission is to share the message that YOU are enough as well. YOU are worth it, AS WAS HE..

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Love Yourself was born from Blake and Wendy’s personal tragedy, the loss of their son Skyler to suicide, fueling their mission to prevent similar losses in other families through awareness and support.

There are many ways to support our cause, including volunteering, participating in awareness events, making donations, or simply spreading the word about suicide prevention and mental health resources.

We provide access to crisis helplines, counseling referrals, support groups, and educational materials aimed at helping individuals cope with suicidal thoughts and mental health challenges.

Yes, we offer experienced speakers for various events to discuss suicide prevention, share personal stories, and educate communities about mental health and the importance of self-care.

We partner with educational institutions and other organizations to conduct workshops, seminars, and training sessions focused on identifying and addressing mental health issues among youth and adults.

Since our founding, Love Yourself has reached thousands through our programs, significantly raising awareness about suicide prevention, reducing stigmas around mental health, and providing direct support to individuals and families affected by mental health challenges.