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I had several friends share with me the Piano Guys and Craig Aven’s song “The Sweetest Gift”

To be completely honest… I Needed half a box of Kleenex the first time I heard this. Then people kept sending this to me. I vowed each time I recieved this gesture of kindness ~ that I would intently listen to it’s message. It has brought a sense of peace within, and I feel blessed to be able to have a brightness of HOPE!

We are ALMOST to our One year anniversary since the passing of Skyler. There isn’t a day go by where we don’t miss him. I can say the wound is still there and will always be …BUT I’ve explained that it felt at first when we learned of Skylers Suicide it was like I had a gaping hugh wound and straight acetone was being dumped on it everyday! The pain was unbearable. And yes even though Skyler is still gone, It’s NOT okay what has happened ~ but we’re going to be alright.

We are learning we LOVE a deeper kind of LOVE. And that at times of despair ~ we can do hard things. Skyler told us once while he was serving his mission in Texas ~” what doesn’t kill us in this life, only makes us stronger.”


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